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D E S T I N A T I O N  T A I W A N

Destination Taiwan began its story five years ago when the cute little gazebo on Dell Range Blvd in the city of Cheyenne was transformed into a space to bring the community a new source of Taiwan culinary enlightenment.


The response to our quest was well received and encouraged us to continually strive for perfection. Delving deeper into the traditions of the Earth’s diverse cultures, our goal is to balance the exotic with the familiar. Global diversification of ideas and practices introduces our guests to a whole new experience each time they dine with us. An accompaniment to our rotating menu ranging from Taiwan Small Plates & Snacks to well orchestrated Entrees is an impressive list of carefully selected most popular Taiwan drinks.


F I N D  U S .

Located on the busiest Dell Range Blvd within a short stroll from the Bicycle Station along the scenic greenway, it is easy to understand why we are a must stop destination.


2634 Dell Range Blvd. Unit A

Cheyenne, WY 82009

(307) 514-2702

T H E  K I T C H E N .

Compact and orderly. Destination Taiwan would not be what is today without our driving force in the kitchen. Chef and her team construct delights inspired by the meals found on the tables of households in their own hometowns. As the smallest licensed commercial kitchen in the whole state of Wyoming, this tiny establishment can only fit two or three people. Making a small kitchen more functional is a challenge. Because of the restaurant’s very limited space, we suggest that our customers call us in advance to place large orders.

O P E N I N G  H O U R S .

Thursday - Saturday:  11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sunday:  11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Monday - Wednesday:  Closed

2 0 2 3  H O L I D A Y S .

Destination Taiwan will be closing on these days.


Jan 1: New Year Day

Jan. 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jul. 4: Independence Day

Oct. 10: Taiwan National Day

Nov. 23: Thanksgiving

Nov. 24: Black Friday

Dec. 25: Christmas Day


We hope to see you soon!

- T H E  D E S T I N A T I O N  T A I W A N  T E A M

Destination Taiwan

Kind Words.

Nicki K.

Cheyenne, WY


I love their braised pork rice!  It's not only delicious and authentic, it's better than some of those in Taiwan.  Friendly people and great service as well, just like what you would experience in Taiwan.  I give them 11 out of 10~

4/4/2019 - Google

A N.

Chicago, IL


Sampled a few things and everything was great! Milk tea is one of the best I've had in the states. The food options are not your typical Chinese American dishes which was refreshing to see and taste. Too bad I'm in Colorado otherwise I'd be here all the time. 

3/23/2019 - Yelp

Cari C.

Cheyenne, WY


You can tell the owners take great pride and joy in sharing delicious, authentic Taiwanese food with their customers. Truly a unique gem of a restaurant right here in Cheyenne!

3/3/2019 - Google

Amelia T.

Laramie, WY


Sooo happy to found this place in Wyoming! Authentic Taiwanese boba and homemade buns... in Wyoming!!! I just moved from Florida and as an Asian, I was kind of shocked to find this type of place here. The buns came out steaming hot and fresh - honestly the best buns I've had in a long time. They were sooo delicious! Cheap prices too. Owners are super friendly. Very very nice people. My only wish is that they would open business in Laramie, but definitely be coming back. Try out this place and support local business people! You won't be disappointed.

2/3/2019 - Yelp

Georgia G.

Buford, WY


Better than great food, people and convenience!! The steamed buns are absolutely perfectly fluffy, hot and tasty. The pork rice dish was soooo good (we liked the extra garlic!) No Americanization of flavors, here!  I can't wait for my next trip to town and more of this great food.

12/9/2018 -  Yelp

Christian S.

Cheyenne, WY


GO TO THIS PLACE RIGHT NOW! Destination Taiwan is an amazing cultural exchange, right off of Dell Range! The food is absolutely incredible, and reminded me of when I lived in Taiwan. The owner is amazing and did I mention how incredible the food is? This is NOT ordinary "Chinese Food", this is authentic Taiwanese food. The Scallion Pancake is to die for, and the curry is exceptional. We only tried the Red Bean Bun, but I'm excited to try the Pork Bun and Milk Tea next time I'm there! 15/10.

10/10/2018 - Yelp

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