Our shop may use some of the following ingredients: peanuts, eggs, soy, tree nuts, wheat, dairy products, fish, and/or shellfish. Even if these are not listed on the ingredient label, please be aware that all products may have come in contact with these ingredients. For details, please refer to the following allergen information.


- Taiwan Braised Pork Rice contains egg, soy

- Pork & Leek Bun contains wheat, sesame oil, oyster sauce, msg

- BBQ Bun contains wheat, soybean oil, sesame oil, oyster sauce, mushroom

Cabbage Bun contains wheat, palm oil, soy, sesame oil, black fungus

- Mapo Tofu Bun contains wheat, soy, sesame

- Bamboo Shoots Bun contains wheat, soybean, palm oil, sesame oil

- Egg Custard Bun contains wheat, egg, milk

- Sweet Red Bean Bun contains wheat, red kidney bean

- Purple Taro Bun contains wheat, sunflower oil, milk powder

- Black Sesame Bun contains wheat, palm oil, black sesame

- Sweet Potato Bun contains wheat, palm oil, soybean oil

- Chinese Spinach Bun contains wheat, rapeseed oil

- Turnip Bun contains wheat, palm oil, sesame seed oil, msg

- Puff Green Onion Torta contains wheat, soybean oil, sesame

- Puff Banana Torta contains wheat, palm oil, orange oil, raisin

- Cold Noodle w/ Sesame Paste contains peanut, sesame

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