January 25, 2019

Our business wins the recognition of Taiwan trade representative Chester Chu, and Wyoming Business Council for serving up the real deal. We are deeply honored by their visit and it was a great pleasure meeting them!

Taiwan trade representative Chester Chu assists the Wyoming Business Council to foster trade ties with Taiwan business. Mr. Chu also acts as the Wyoming Asia-Pacific Trade Office's inaugural Director.

 Photo courtesy: Wyoming Business Council

January 24, 2019

Big thanks to Lizzy for this amazing gift - a cute LED bubble tea signage. We are so lucky to have customers like you. We cannot wait to show off your thought gift. We cannot thank you enough for your valuable support! We are going to find a perfect spot for it as soon as new window installation is done.

January 13, 2019

True. The people are the city.

Photo credit: Yue

January 11, 2019

Genuine gratitude and feelings are as rare as gems nowadays. We have really nice people around us.

January 1, 2019

Taiwan’s iconic tower, Taipei 101, marked the entrance of 2019 with the most extravagant fireworks display and light show in the country.

The rain didn't stop people from ringing in the new year. Midnight arrived, and the enthusiasm showed no signs of diminution.

According to the Taipei Financial Center Corp., this year's fireworks extravaganza included 16,000 fireworks shells, which ran for 360 seconds, 60 seconds longer than last year. Taipei 101 had invited international experts from across disciplines to implement this year's show.

This year's animated light show played an even larger role, was more synchronized with the pyrotechnics, and featured nine themes. In the first theme, "Night Market, Famous Food," images of Taiwan's famous bubble milk tea (0:26-0:35 mark), tea eggs (0:21 mark), chicken cutlets, and steamed buns (you tell me) were displayed.

The animated light show was made possible by a lighting system consisting of 140,000 LED lights called the T-Pad, which was project...

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