Yue, Sous Chef

Although the penetration of Chinese food culture is very strong thoughout the world, the cuisine from Taiwan still remains relatively unknown in America. There are many differences between authentic Taiwanese cuisine and Westernized Chinese food. From ingredients to cooking methods to popular dishes, the differences are numerous.

Americanized Chinese food is mainly cooked through frying, while we only fry food occasionally. Cooking methods such as stewing, braising, baking, steaming, boiling and even fermenting are commonly used in authentic Taiwanese cuisine, either cold dish or hot dish.

Nothing is more important than being authentic in today's world. Our friends deserve better from us.

Summer, Greeter

Summer has been involved in various aspects of the food industry for years beginning with her first job at McDonald’s and Subway in Cheyenne Wyoming. However, she quickly realized that hospitality and creating guest experience was her true joy.


Summer is also multilingual, she has not only mastered various accents and dialects of British English and US English, she can also speak Spanish, French, German, and Italian. As Destination Taiwan’s part-time Cashier/Greeter, Summer feels that her circle of influence has found its home. She enjoys welcoming Destination Taiwan’s wonderful clientele, eating the restaurant's amazing comfort food, and working with a team that challenges her each day to be better.

Shu-Shin, Supplier

In her early career, Shu-Shin travelled and tasted her way around Taiwan's tea plantations while working as a tea master and blender at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in Taipei, which gave her a deep understanding and practical knowledge in sourcing, tasting, blending and preparing the finest teas.

Now working as an independent consultant, Shu-Shin provides tea consultancy services to our business. Her finely tuned taste buds, extensive knowledge and infectious passion for tea know no bounds.

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