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Wearing A Face Mask

As Colorado declared a State of Emergency, we take further preventive measures due to the growing risk of coronavirus.

As our job needs to routinely come into contact with the public, wearing a face mask is considered one of the preventive measures. We understand the differences in culture, which is, in America people don’t see face masks as preventive measure, it’s something you wear after you are sick. Although CDC also does not recommend the use of face masks or respirators for the general public, we insist on the importance of wearing a face mask based on the following facts and common sense that we’ve been closely monitored since January.

  1. The coronavirus is structurally different than any of the strains of influenza in the USA.

  2. The vast majority of annual flu deaths in the USA are cases where the patient hasn't been vaccinated. This is not an option with the coronavirus. Being a brand new strain, no curative or preventive medicines/vaccines are available at this moment.

  3. The overall coronavirus mortality rate is 3.4% by the WHO as of March 3rd. However, China ALWAYS reports epidemic statistics purposely much lower than reality to avoid social unrest and stock market losses. These statistics include not just mortality rates, they underreport active cases as well.

  4. A mask blocks a sick person's droplets from a cough or sneeze from spreading, if it is properly used. Likewise, a mask prevents the droplets from entering the nose or mouth of a person being exposed to the spray from an infected person without a mask. The N95 mask (respirator) works as long as it doesn't get wet. Surgical masks help but do not filter viruses - still better than nothing.

  5. It’s not overreacting to take extra preventive measures. As coronavirus spreads, we hope and pray this is something that will pass.

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