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Donations Should Go To Frontline Healthcare Heroes

We found Yelp teaming up with GoFundMe and creating a donation button on our Yelp page. We were signed up without consent and opting out of the program was overly cumbersome. Yelp claims that in an effort to get businesses help quickly and easily, a GoFundMe fundraiser was AUTOMATICALLY added to the Yelp pages of eligible businesses. However, we have expressed reservations about it. We will not ask for donations, nor will we accept them. Instead, we think all the donations should be given directly to frontline healthcare heroes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

We feel a lot of love from our community these days, and we are amazed that there are so many people care enough about us and support us in various ways. We are just happy enough that you are supporting us by loving and enjoying our foods. Stay safe folks, we are here to stand side-by-side with you to get through this tough time.

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