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Introducing Our Newest Signature Delicacy: Beijing Zha Jiang Mian

It’s coming! We have launched our brand-new iconic dish - “Beijing Zha Jiang Mian” 老北京炸酱面 (Traditional Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste) . We are so excited and ready to have you as one of the first to try it. This newest dish, along with Taiwan Braised Pork Rice 台灣滷肉飯, and Taiwan Bubble Tea 台灣珍珠奶茶, are becoming 3 major unmissable classic signature delicacies at our shop.

To Beijing locals, “Zha Jiang Mian” is a sentimental nostalgia, a story. It has a special place in Beijing natives’ hearts. When it comes to this dish, the locals are experiencing a wave of nostalgia rushes through them. The smell of soy bean paste wafting through the air takes their mind on a journey, sending them back to the past and filling them with warm memories. As it’s always treasured by the locals, with a high probability, a Beijing native is not likely to offer you any recommendations on which humble little cafés in the back streets are serving the most authentic versions of this dish. Instead, they’d rather invite you over and cook it for you personally, if he sees you as a friend.

Your soybean paste will be prepared only by Yue. As a native of Beijing and being proud of my identity, there are so many things I need to bear when showcasing culture identity. Three words to sum it up: “Attitude determines taste.” The pork based soybean paste is fried and simmered (小碗乾炸). Please mix and stir the soybean paste with noodles and vegetables throughly before enjoying. I’ll let you do it so that you can see the color and shining layer showing the quality of well done soybean paste. Vegetable sides may be up to 13 kinds traditionally. In general people will pick 4 to 6 kinds depending on different seasons.

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