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Lotus Leaf Wrap - In Celebrating 3 Years Business Anniversary

We are proud to announce that we are 3 years old this month and still going strong. We wanted to send out a quick note to thank you all. Truth be told, we wouldn’t be here without your steadfast support and belief in what we do. Running a business requires many hats, forces us to be smart about our decisions, and wiser with each passing day. It’s a lot of responsibility, dedication and work. But it’s also a lot of freedom, the ability to challenge our view of success, and the demand to do things right. We’re also looking forward to what the future holds with bright eyes and in full anticipation that it will be amazing.

In celebrating 3 years of awesomeness, we are going to prepare and serve Lotus Leaf Wraps to our customers on every Saturday and Sunday in March. The quantity of the wraps depends on the stock of lotus leaves we can get. While supplies last, so we would like to suggest that come earlier than later. The wrap contains glutinous rice filled with chicken and all sorts of delicious goodies. The ball of rice is wrapped in a dried lotus leaf and steamed. The lotus leaf adds a chorus of aromas to the sticky rice as it steams, brings you the real authentic flavors. You will be so pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out.

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