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The Unbearable Heaviness of Buddyhood

Zuo, a professional interior designer and graphic designer graduated from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (ranked as the 15th best university in the world). As a childhood buddy, his artistic talents were evident from a young age and helped mold his path to become a professional artist. My 17-year-old birthday present was a replica of one of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's famous oil paintings drawn by him. I remember I teased him when I opened the present, telling him that he forgot to draw the eyebrows”. He chose not to cast pearls before swine, replied: “sorry, I did forget to draw them”.

Zuo complains our current lightbox sign lacks in aesthetics, looks cheap, and degrades the quality of delicacies that we are serving. A year ago he promised to make us a new one. It must be contemporary, stylish, simple, non-mannerism, liberal, and eternal tireless. Our new sign finally arrived. It weighs 140 pounds, protected by metal strips. He told me it was a gift from his workshop group!

Depending on exposure to the elements, we still need to do some wood treatment before hanging it up. It might take a few weeks for our customers to see it. Destination Taiwan will be a truly hidden gem on Dell Range Blvd.

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